Team PaleoClim

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Terrestrial Worldwide Climate Data Sources

Oceanic and Freshwater Climate Data Sources

Regional Climate Data Sources

Weather Data Sources

  • Daily minimum and maximum temperature, precipitation occurrence and amount, humidity, shortwave radiation, snow water equivalent, and day length: Daymet
  • Monthly min/max temperature and precipitation rasters from GCM predictions for 1950 to 2099 at 30-arcsec (~800 m) resolution for CMIP5 (IPCC 5th Assessment Report, US): NASA NEX-DCP30
  • Weekly climate from 1895 to present (US and Canada): PRISM( United States | British Columbia)
  • Climate and weather records: CDO (Climate Data Online)

Paleo- Atlases

  • PaleoDEM – 1 degree paleoDEMs spanning back to 200 ma – amazing!  Scotese & GPlates