Team PaleoClim

Other Software From Team PaleoClim

  • SDMtoolbox  – an ArcGIS toolbox that is a swiss army knife for modeling
  • Humboldt a comprehensive R package that performs spatial analyses of species’ niche overlap in E-space (environment or climate space)
  • Machuruku  – an R package for phylogenetic niche modeling and estimation of ancestral distributions
  • Machisplin  an R package for interpolation of noisy multi-variate data through comprehensive statistical analyses using thin-plate-smoothing splines and machine learning ensembling

Terrestrial Worldwide Climate Data Sources


  • Chelsa  – 1km – 19 bioclim variables
  • Worldclim – 1km – 19 bioclim variables
  • Climond – 1km – 36 bioclim variables
  • MERRAclim -5km (1980, 1990s and 2000; also sea surface values)
  • Microclim -15km  – hourly estimates of typical microclimatic conditions: air temperature, wind speed, relative humidity, solar radiation, sky radiation and substrate temperatures from the surface to 1 m depth
  • NCAR Climate Data Guide
  • ecoClimte – 0.5 degree (ca. 55km) – 19 bioclimate variables



Oceanic and Freshwater Climate Data Sources

Regional Climate Data Sources

Weather Data Sources

  • TerraClim – 4km – monthly climate and climatic water balance  from 1958-2019 for global surfances
  • Daymet  – 4km – Daily minimum and maximum temperature, precipitation occurrence and amount, humidity, shortwave radiation, snow water equivalent, and day length for N. America
  • NASA NEX-DCP30 – 1km – Monthly min/max temperature and precipitation rasters from GCM predictions for 1950 to 2099 at 30-arcsec (~800 m) resolution for CMIP5 for N. America
  • PRISM( United States | British Columbia) –  4 km – weekly climate from 1895 to present (US and Canada)
  •  CDO (Climate Data Online)  – climate and weather records
  • NRLSSC  – sea surface temperature

Paleo- Atlases

  • PaleoDEM – 1 degree paleoDEMs spanning back to 200 ma – amazing!  Scotese & GPlates

Topography Data

Other GIS Data Sources