Welcome to your source of free, high-resolution paleoclimate data for use in biological modeling and GIS.

Below you can download the standard Bioclimatic variables for different paleoclimate simulations. Each download is a “zip” file containing up to 19 GeoTiff (.tif) files, one for each of the bioclimatic variables.

The data are available at 3  different spatial resolutions; from 2.5 arc-minutes (~5 km), 5 arc-minutes (~10 km), and 10 arc-minutes (~20 km). The CHELSA data are also available in 30 arc-seconds (~1 km). Data

time period (bp)
10 mins 5 mins 2.5 mins original data citation
Pleistocene: late-Holocene, Meghalayan (4.2-0.3 ka), v1.0 lh-10 lh-5 lh-2.5 Fordham  et al., 2017
Pleistocene: mid-Holocene, Northgrippian (8.326-4.2 ka), v1.0 mh-10 mh-5 mh-2.5 Fordham  et al., 2017
Pleistocene: early-Holocene, Greenlandian (11.7-8.326 ka), v1.0 eh-10 eh-5 eh-2.5 Fordham  et al., 2017
Pleistocene: Younger Dryas Stadial (12.9-11.7 ka), v1.0 yds-10 yds-5 yds-2.5 Fordham  et al., 2017
Pleistocene: Bølling-Allerød ( 14.7-12.9 ka), v1.0 ba-10 ba-5 ba-2.5 Fordham  et al., 2017
Pleistocene: Heinrich Stadial 1 (17.0-14.7 ka), v1.0 hs1-10 hs1-5 hs1-2.5 Fordham  et al., 2017
Pleistocene: Last Interglacial (ca. 130 ka), v1.0 lig-10 lig-5 lig-2.5 Otto-Bliesner et al.,  2006
Pleistocene: MIS19 (ca. 787 ka), v1.0* mis19   -10 mis19  -5 mis19 -2.5  Brown  et al., 2018
Pliocene: mid-Pliocene warm period (3.205 Ma), v1.0* mpwp  -10 mpwp  -5 mpwp  -2.5  Hill 2015
Pliocene: M2 (ca. 3.3 Ma), v1.0* m2-10 m2-5 m2-2.5  Dolan et al., 2015

Related Data

time period 10 mins 5 mins 2.5 mins 30 secs original data citation
Current (1979 – 2013): Anthropocene, v1.2b**
cur-10 cur-5 cur-2.5 cur-30
Pleistocene: Last Glacial Maximum (ca. 21 ka), v1.2b**, NCAR CCSM4
lgm-10 lgm-5 lgm-2.5 lgm-30 CHELSA

Database Citation:

Brown, Hill, Dolan, Carnaval, Haywood (2018) PaleoClim, high spatial resolution paleoclimate surfaces for global land areas.  Nature – Scientific Data. 5:180254

Last update on December 12, 2018.

Support for PaleoClim is from Leeds University, The City College of New York and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. You are not allowed to redistribute these data without permission.

*Monthly maximum and minimum temperatures were not available in these simulations. In these instances; bio_2, bio_3, bio_5, bio_6, bio_7 could not be created.

**Data are from the ‘Climatologies at high resolution for the earth’s land surface areas’ database.  The data were upscaled, masked to corresponding sea-level, converted to matching units, and renamed to match the format of data in  Data are redistributed with their explicit permission.  The CHELSA current data were also used to downscale all data and highly recommend for use as your primary current dataset.